Merchandising and Merchandise Planning & Allocation

HRC Retail Advisory helps companies achieve the best possible end-to-end Merchandise Planning & Allocation strategy that optimizes sales, margins and inventory performance across channels. This results are achieved by ensuring products are available to customers when, how and where they desire.

We often start by developing or assessing the retailer’s existing merchandising vision and strategy, focused on a clear understanding of the customer to reinforce the retailer’s value proposition.

Many retailers invest enormous amounts on Merchandising systems, only to be disappointed with the actual benefits relative to those promised by software vendors and systems integrators. HRC Retail Advisory understands why these implementations fall short and has helped dozens of retail chains remediate Merchandising systems implementations to realize the highest possible return on investments.

HRC’s Merchandise Planning & Allocation services include:

  • Category and Customer Strategy and Management
  • Merchandising Organization Design, Sizing and Roadmaps
  • Clustering Analysis and Optimization
  • Assortment Planning and Optimization
  • SKU Rationalization
  • Cost Efficiency Assessment
  • Merchandise Allocation and Inventory Replenishment
  • Pricing, Promotion and Markdown Optimization
  • Merchandise Margin Optimization
  • Merchandise Technology Implementation
  • Remediation of Existing Sub-Optimal Merchandising Systems Implementations
  • Optimization and Enhancement of Existing Merchandising Systems to create the highest ROI