Retail Promotion Strategy Consulting

Since the Recession of 2008/2009, numerous brick & mortar retailers have relied heavily   on promotions to drive traffic to their stores and to entice customers into believing they are “getting a deal”.

HRC Retail Merchandise ConsultantsFull-Price Selling as a Percent of Total Sales is unfortunately declining for many retailersHRC’s Retail Promotions Strategy Consultants believe strongly in the value of Price as a key lever to drive traffic and sales. However, our experience is that a high percent of promotions do not earn an acceptable ROI when they are managed, executed and measured narrowly and tactically .

HRC’s comprehensive Retail Promotions Effectiveness Diagnostic Assessment assesses retailers’ promotions processes, policies, and quantitative results, within the context of their price and promotions strategy and their customer price-positioning strategy, relative to their key competitors.

HRC’s Retail Promotional Effectiveness  Diagnostic assesses:

  • End-to-End Process: to drive improved promotional effectiveness
  • Organization Structure/Roles & Accountability: to ensure most effective cross-functional decision-making
  • In-house vs. Outsourced Functions: to improve coordination, communication and clarity in decision making, and to improve cost-effectiveness
  • Data Analytics: HRC assesses retail promotions effectiveness and provides measurable support for strategic decision-making