Grow retailer profits and shareholder value

(that’s what we do)

HRC Retail Advisory, now part of Accenture, is a leading retail consulting firm exclusively focused on consulting with retailers. HRC helps retailers successfully navigate retail disruption and improve profitability and competitiveness. We do this through effective development and execution of strategy, robust analytics, and improved organization structure, processes, and tools.

Our mission is singular: to help retailers improve profitability in a rapidly evolving retail environment.

Working with HRC, retailers improve their profitability by identifying, prioritizing, and implementing important value-creating improvements. Our team of retail consulting experts possesses a combination of deep functional expertise and retail industry experience. HRC’s retail consultants work collaboratively as an extension of our client teams to scope each project, agree on clear objectives, develop practical yet innovative recommendations for improvements, and support our clients as they implement recommended changes.

The HRC difference

100% focused on retail. With our resources and attention fully committed to providing unsurpassed retail consulting expertise, HRC is the best choice to help retailers profitably transform their businesses.

Experienced retail professionals. Led by two of the industry’s most results-driven retail strategists and an experienced senior team that includes many former retail executives, HRC has a deep understanding of retail’s key-value drivers, trends, and rapidly evolving omni-channel environment. We staff every project with a small, bespoke team of highly experienced, passionate retail consultants who have the skills and expertise to help each client meet unique business improvement objectives.

Results-driven. We have established a reputation with c-suite executives in the retail industry for delivering transformative, measurable results, based on clear, actionable recommendations tailored to each retailer’s unique business. Our clients appreciate HRC’s entrepreneurial approach, refreshing penchant for “telling it like it is,” and capacity for working seamlessly and collaboratively within their unique culture.

Rapid benefits. Our retail consultants are intensely focused on quickly delivering sustainable results. HRC’s experience working with numerous retailers and cultures gives us an unparalleled ability to partner effectively with each client’s team, successfully implement required changes, and deliver the desired financial and retail operations improvements.

Understanding the new consumer. One of the critical differentiators separating HRC from other retail consulting firms is our unique understanding of the evolving drivers and behaviors of an increasingly savvy retail consumer, who has more expectations and choices than ever before. 

Adapting the retail economic model. The retail economic model has changed more in the past five years than it did over the prior fifty years. HRC’s intimate understanding of its evolving and complex triggers, areas of potential value creation, and new emerging value drivers are key to helping retail clients sharpen all aspects of their business operations. HRC helps clients evaluate and fine-tune their economic operating model for improved profitability and working capital, while building for long-term success.

Our values

At HRC Retail Advisory, our core values are accountability, versatility, innovation, and drive. We hold our retail consultants to the highest standards of excellence, and we expect each member of our team to display a commitment to these values. 

By staying true to these principles, we can deliver the best possible results on behalf of our retail clients. HRC believes a consulting firm is only as good as its people. We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we have built with our longstanding retail clients over the past 30 years, which have enabled us to continue to win repeat business.