Transformation starts here.

Demand Planning, Margin, and Inventory Optimization

HRC Retail Advisory’s merchandising consultants start with obtaining an understanding of each retail client’s merchandising strategy. They then use this context to help retailers optimize sales, margins, and inventory profitability, by improving product life-cycle management and tools.

At HRC, we unlock value through both improvement in merchandising strategy and the creation of a more sustainable organization, as well as through the more effective use of analytics and systems to improve profitability and working capital.

Many retailers invest enormous amounts on merchandising systems and implementations, only to be disappointed with sub-optimal results. Retailers often treat these strategic merchandising transformations like IT implementations, not business transformation initiatives. HRC’s philosophy is exactly the opposite. We approach merchandising transformation initiatives as a business-led transformation, enabled by improved organization, use of analytics, processes, and tools, to generate business benefits.

With decades of direct operating and consulting experience in the merchandising and merchandise planning and allocation functions, HRC’s retail consultants have helped numerous retail chains get the best possible results from their merchandising-related transformations. We have also remediated numerous systems implementations that were not effectively implemented from a strategic and business process alignment perspective, thus enabling our retail clients to reap the best return on their investment.

Our specialized merchandising consultants provide a number of high-value services, including:

  • Assessment and development of merchandise strategy
  • Development of transformation roadmaps across the end-to-end product life-cycle
  • Merchandising and MP&A (merchandise planning & allocation) organization and role design
  • Buy quantification, clustering, and assortment planning
  • Demand forecasting, allocation, and inventory replenishment
  • Integrated financial and merchandise planning
  • Markdown optimization
  • Merchandising technology exploitation and remediation


Indirect procurement consulting