Generation Z and Millennials Demand In-Store Technologies and Social Media ‘Likes’ to Shop

June 1, 2017

Millennial and Generation Z’s (kids age 10-17) use of technology and social media is changing consumer spending patterns. And while the latter generation was born with a smartphone in hand, it doesn’t keep them from shopping – and even preferring to shop – in brick and mortar stores, as long as they have access to their ever-important social network. In fact, more than 90% of Generation Z say that a strong wi-fi signal is important to them and their overall shopping experience, according to our most recent industry survey. Emerging in-store technologies and positive social media feedback are among the top priorities for both Generation Z and Millennial consumers. 


The survey, which also revealed a generational shift in how these consumers shop for beauty products, represents the first in our series centered around Generation Z and Millennials’ attitudes, behaviors, and shopping preferences. Farla Efros, President of HRC Retail Advisory, is a longtime authority on the constantly changing shopping behaviors among the different consumer demographics, and works closely with retailers to help them understand how to make the necessary changes for growth.


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