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Inventory management

Recipe for Successful Retailer Transformation

The retail sector continues to experience turmoil with numerous retailers filing for Chapter 11, liquidating or restructuring out of court. But there is a silver lining for the winners, with significant and profitable opportunities for retailers that successfully re-tool their operating models and customer experience.

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What Retail Apocalypse?

Antony Karabus and Farla Efros share their views on why the retail industry is in much better shape than the head-lines report. The consumer is still spending and HRC Advisory believes there are numerous opportunities for retailers who do the hard work in transforming their businesses

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Re-thinking Retail Profitability

HRC Retail Advisory’s Antony Karabus, CEO and Farla Efros, President offers insights and actionable steps to succeed in a retail landscape overshadowed by Amazon, resale, rental and changing consumer demands.

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Improving the Precision of Inventory Management

Our CEO, Antony Karabus and Fred Fox, CEO, Planalytics explored the growing importance of Inventory Localization for Retailers in more precisely and profitably managing their investment in inventory on a webinar to retail executives on May 13, 2020.   Click here to view the webinar and we hope you find

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Is ecommerce draining the profit out of retail?

  Booming online sales are boosting the top line for North America’s leading web retailers but having the opposite effect on the bottom line for at least some of them.   Global web sales increased 17.7% in 2018 for the retailers and brands in the Internet Retailer 2019 Top 1000 rankings of

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Retail Economics: It’s time to re-invent the operating model

For as long as we can remember, the retail economic operating model was well-understood and relatively predictable, with total retail sales predominantly made through brick-and-mortar stores.   Retail was essentially a fixed-cost business, with the possible exception for some retailers who used a commission sales force. But even that expense

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Think Tank: Striving for Profits in a Costly Omnichannel World

By Antony Karabus on November 14, 2018   The bar for retailers has been raised significantly due to the shift in consumer expectations and behavior. A sharply increasing percentage of retail consumers are changing how they want to engage with retailers, whether they are ordering, picking up, receiving or returning product. Given that most e-commerce

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Retail Experts See ‘Tumultuous’ Year Ahead

  In their annual predictions for the new year, retail industry analysts and consultants see one consistent trend for 2019 that has defined the business for two years: transformation.   From the uncertainty over the future of Sears and lagging holiday sales at traditional department stores (according to data from Mastercard) to the

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