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ABFJournal names 2021 Top Women in ABL Strategic Advisors

Farla Efros’ career has been built on a strong passion for retail. She has proven that throughout her career, especially during her time with Office Depot and as interim CEO for True Religion from 2018 to 2019. Through it all, Efros has learned that success is built on people, so it’s important to be a leader who listens.

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HRC’s Retail Predictions for 2021

Despite the arrival of the vaccine, we expect the first half of 2021 to reflect a continuation of 2020’s acceleration toward digital and omnichannel as most shoppers remain at home. However, we anticipate pent-up demand to be unleashed in late 2021, bringing relief to some of the retail sectors that have struggled since the industry was thrown into turmoil last spring.

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What Retail Apocalypse?

Antony Karabus and Farla Efros share their views on why the retail industry is in much better shape than the head-lines report. The consumer is still spending and HRC Advisory believes there are numerous opportunities for retailers who do the hard work in transforming their businesses

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The Outside View: How to Best Engage the Demanding Consumer

  For many brick-and-mortar retailers, foot traffic is a primary concern, considering its ongoing midsingle-digit decline. Once a customer crosses the lease line, the priority becomes how best to engage with them. For a retailer pursuing an omnichannel approach, engagement is equally, if not more, important. Ensuring that the needs

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Welcome to the “Store Experience Era”

As numerous retailers downsize their physical store footprint through store closures, they are also testing adding “experiences” to their stores to create “customer stickiness”. Experiences include hosting events, launching in-store specialty services and interactive entertainment. A study by HRC Advisory last year found that 57% of surveyed shoppers ranked store

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