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Store operations

Recipe for Successful Retailer Transformation

The retail sector continues to experience turmoil with numerous retailers filing for Chapter 11, liquidating or restructuring out of court. But there is a silver lining for the winners, with significant and profitable opportunities for retailers that successfully re-tool their operating models and customer experience.

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What Retail Apocalypse?

Antony Karabus and Farla Efros share their views on why the retail industry is in much better shape than the head-lines report. The consumer is still spending and HRC Advisory believes there are numerous opportunities for retailers who do the hard work in transforming their businesses

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Re-thinking Retail Profitability

HRC Retail Advisory’s Antony Karabus, CEO and Farla Efros, President offers insights and actionable steps to succeed in a retail landscape overshadowed by Amazon, resale, rental and changing consumer demands.

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Welcome to the “Store Experience Era”

As numerous retailers downsize their physical store footprint through store closures, they are also testing adding “experiences” to their stores to create “customer stickiness”. Experiences include hosting events, launching in-store specialty services and interactive entertainment. A study by HRC Advisory last year found that 57% of surveyed shoppers ranked store

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Retail Merchandising Consultants

Seeking Higher Ground – Learning from the Survivors

Just over three years ago, when Target announced the closing of its Canadian stores after only a year of operating in the country, many industry experts declared the onset of a “retail apocalypse.” They weren’t necessarily wrong in their aggressive prediction, as major chains have drastically scaled back store counts

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As Market Moves to 50% Online Sales, retailers Need to respond

In WWD’s recently published article “As Market Moves to 50% Online Sales, Retailers Need to Respond”, Antony Karabus, chief executive officer of HRC Retail Advisory, explains how to do this, while keeping service in mind.   “Retail is not dead — far from it,” said Antony Karabus, chief executive officer of

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Attracting Gen Z shoppers to your store

Generation Z (Gen Z) is set to be the biggest customer base to date, says Saoirse Blaney, business development executive at Sendmode. Can companies really afford to ignore them?   Read the full article here

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Brick-And-Mortar Makes A Comeback With Generation Z

Teenagers shopping with friends? Well, duh – but only if they can bring all of their friends, carried in their pocket and amplified via an acceptable Wi-Fi signal at the mall, says a new study by HRC Retail Advisory. The study, conducted via online survey, compared the shopping habits of

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If a Store Doesn’t Have Wi-Fi, Teens Won’t Shop There

More than 90 percent of Generation Z — a cohort comprising teens and young adults under 20 — feel that a strong Wi-Fi signal is a critical component of their overall shopping experience, according to a new survey conducted by retail research firm HRC Retail Advisory.   Read the full article.

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